Sunday, August 25, 2013

bones photographay

I'm really enjoying photographing the remains of animals ...

this one is titled "'til death do us part"

shot in the studio with dim lighting ...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a day at The Lakes

So I've made a start, after the magnificent purchase of my Nikon D90, which I'm absolutely loving ... I have to take a series of photographs for school regarding "Sense of Place".  I begin with the park around the corner that I love ... a place I go to when I just want to be with me.  I was there today, thinking and wondering about life, about where I've come from, what I want to achieve, thinking about my two wonderful sons amongst lots of other things ... my mind was like a cyclone today ... so much going on and the wind was so cold on my face ... the heater in the car felt as though it was defrosting my cheeks ... never felt that cold in Melbourne before ... so here are two pictures of a bundle that I took.  The feather I love ... almost like that angel again from Heaven speaking to me saying "I'm here amongst all the sticks and thorns and gravel - I'm here" ... hope you like them ... stay tuned for more photographs

Thursday, August 1, 2013

titled "cocoon"

at certain points in our lives we feel trapped, stuck ... unable to escape, so we hide ... sometimes it's easier to hide ... nothing can hurt us then ... this is a scanography merged with my etching print and digitally enhanced to produce this image ... "the cocoon is full of life, colour and beauty ... what lies inside is a beautiful butterfly ready to spread her wings to the world ... she waits, patiently for the moment for it to happen ... and it will - it did ... happen ... " marlene zammit