Sunday, November 29, 2015

gotta get drawing again

... with the hustle and bustle of life i just can't get to doing anything lately ... soon

Saturday, November 28, 2015

my skulls

when i woke this morning on a beautiful sunny morning in melbourne, australia i was for some reason drawn back to my times of photographing skulls and stayed lying there thinking about the concepts and what drew me to such, well what i think a wonderful body of work ... not everybody's cup of tea - to me it was a story i wanted to tell and told ...

i've been thinking to reuse them in a way in the next few weeks and hopefully come up with something i know will be an interesting backdrop for more works with the same feel ... hanging to get behind a camera again - but kinda impossible with all that's going on around me i must dedicate time ... time ... time ... but time is moving so quickly --- before you know it your kids are grown up and all of a sudden you're in a different place

this year - after the move - i realised that no matter where life takes you --- you have to keep walking ... the past IS the past ... not to get caught up in the pain there ... remember the good but keep walking from the pain ... and it will all be ok in this funny thing we call life

this photograph i took in 2013 is called "a rude awakening" ... i think it speaks for itself ...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

It's Christmas in one month today ... where did that year go?

Last year was a pretty interesting Christmas - I'd achieved a lot ...

Things have changed and people have moved on ... some for the better and one thing hasn't changed ... the incredible unconditional love of two amazing boys ...

Wishing you all a festive season

Monday, November 23, 2015


wow it's nearly christmas and a time where we reflect on what's happened throughout the year ... i've had an awesome journey with building, of course my kids and then some ... the new friendships have been amazing and the gone ones, well even better

life is so too short you have to grasp every moment of every day and live it to the full

i've got some interesting ideas welling up in my mind and heart about what to design in a must exhibition next year however, i've just been accepted into yet another diploma ... comm services this time to work in my chosen loved passion of disability

life is here - lets live it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the year has flown

what an amazing journey this year with new friends, love and laughter!

an amazing year and input into disability ... the battle is ever so difficult some days but

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How Strong Is Your Core?

feeling sorry for all the mums, in particular the single mums who have to tiredly support their children with autism.  it's a really hard slog but pays off in it's own way

first you get gorgeous kids regardless, as they're our own right?

there seems to be a conflict about who's kid is better or worse on the spectrum ... the spectrum is the spectrum ... always challenging, whether it's a learning disability or a violence psychosis act ... it all depends on the strong core of the mum and even dads at times in what we are able to carry

i'm one of the stronger cored women so for me milder autism is a breeze ... 

must run to go do some art ... tune in soon xo