Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well hi ya'll, gday and heys

The new year started off with a beauty up in the hills of Mount Dandenong, overlooking the whole city --- what more could a girl ask for ...

Wiping away pains and crap from the year before, not that there were many, except the Autism of my younger was very challenging and a goodbye to some very toxic people that believed they were friends ... paleeeeesssse - friends don't do these things ... I decided to overlook and turn the page and move forward to a new and promising year

As the Christmas tree was pulled down today, with total anticipation of happiness (Grinch) I remembered my kiddies gathered round this same tree ... so small and thinking - wow - they're both nearly teens ... where do those years go --- so you have to make the most of it and grab opportunities --- take risks --- love people --- FALL IN LOVE ... and be happy --- oh and buy lots of clothes because there ain't no such thing as too many different looks you can have ...

Wishing you all the most beautiful, fulfilling new year full of wonderful surprises ... xo

PS:  Stand on the edge and take the plunge --- don't wait for someone to push you --- life is better when you just take the leap and go for your dreams!